Get Rid Of Bloating

Get Rid Of Bloating

Tips To Get Rid Of Bloating

Get Rid Of Gas Bloating: Bloating is something that a lot of people suffer from. Unsurprisingly, it can actually be caused by a number of things. While you might be wishing your jeans shrunk, chances are your belly grew and you are dealing with bloating issues. However, you might even be dealing with bloating issues even if you are exercising and eating healthy. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips to get rid of bloating.

Tips To Get Rid Of Bloating:

1. Don’t Drink Fluids Right Before Workouts.

While you do want to be sure that you are properly hydrated during your workouts, you do not want to consume them too soon before them. In order to avoid that overfull feeling, you should be drinking around 24 ounces of water at least an hour prior to your workout. This will allow a good amount of time for your body to be able to absorb the water and to eliminate the water that is not absorbed. Once you do this, you will be able to continue drinking around 8 ounces 15 minutes prior to your actual workout and throughout your workout to ensure that you remain fully hydrated.

2. Over Eating Fiber?

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make when they are trying to lose weight is the over consumption of fiber. Eating too much fiber can actually cause bloating in certain individuals. If you are used to lower fiber meals and you suddenly flood your diet with high fiber foods like fruit and salads, you are likely going to suffer from severe bloating. This is likely due to the fact that you do not have the right kind of bacteria in your gut in order to help digest all of the fiber that you are consuming. In order to fix this, you are going to want to make your belly as fiber friendly as possible by building up a good tolerance on a gradual basis. You will want to add the fiber gradually into your diet rather than all at once. This will give your body and digestive system plenty of time to adjust accordingly.

3. Vitamins.

Believe it or not, but your bloating might be exacerbated by the vitamin supplements that you are taking. While the vitamins themselves are not going to cause these issues, the supplements are sometimes filled with various additives and fillers. These common fillers include things like lactose or even wheat. Therefore, if you are someone that is intolerant to either one, you might suffer from and/or experience bloating as a result of this intolerance. The key to fix this is by getting multi vitamins with no additives and by looking for supplements that do not contain any other ingredients you may be intolerant to.

4. Protein Bars.

While they can supply you with a good amount of protein, protein bars might actually be counterproductive to your bloating concerns. These bars typically contain a lot of whey protein which causes significant bloating in a lot of people that suffer from lactose intolerance. If you are someone that suffers from this kind of intolerance, you are likely going to be one of the people affected by this. Thus, your bloating issues might stem from taking this kind of protein. The key to fix this is by looking for bars that have proteins that are easier to digest and tolerate such as rice protein or even whey protein isolate. These proteins contain a lot more pure protein and much less lactose than the other forms that you are going to find. While you are going to have to pay more for these proteins, it is going to be worth it if you are someone that suffers from an intolerance.

5. Yogurt.

If you are someone that suffers from significant bloating, you will want to get more Greek yogurt into your diet. Greek yogurt will supply your digestive system with all of the probiotics that you need in order to really be able to get your digestive system working as efficiently as a possible. Yogurt is one of the best kinds of foods that you can consume to get your digestive system working as well as possible because it contains a lot of healthy bacteria that you are going to be able to use to burst your gut and eliminate the inconsistencies in your digestive system.

6. Banana.

Believe it or not, but bananas are another food that you are going to be able to get into your diet that can help to prevent bloating. Because the potassium in the bananas can help prevent bloating alone, it is going to allow your body to effectively deal with it better. This is because the body ultimately retains more sodium and water when the potassium in the body is low. Therefore, by supplying the body with more, you are going to eliminate the need for the body to hold onto the water like this.

7. Contract Your Abs.

Another thing that you are going to want to do is work on contracting your abs. A lot of people might not even be bloated at all. Instead, they have developed a habit of relaxing their abdominal muscles and contracting their diaphragm which can effectively make them look as if they are bloated. Instead, you will want to work on contracting your abs instead. The best way to do this is by imagining someone is going to punch you in the stomach and you are pulling your belly button toward your spine. While you practice this, you should not be holding your breath. Once you get used to the overall feeling on this, you will want to remind yourself to do it all throughout each day and you should be able to minimize the chances that you are causing your own bloating sensation or look.

Overall, there is a lot that you can do to minimize bloating as noted by all of the tips to get rid of bloating in this article. Follow the tips to get rid of bloating above and you should have success at doing so.

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