Get Rid Of Wasps

Get Rid Of Wasps

DIY Tips And Advice On How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Get Rid Of Wasps: Most stinging insects are dangerous, and that is why people are quick to get rid of wasps once they see signs of these insects invading their home. Many of insects with stingers rely on these as their first line of defense; but, no all of such bugs are bad for the environment. Yes, wasps do present a risk to people and animals around, but they are also important. The only major issue about their presence is when they make their nests in places where people and animals congregate.

The issue with most stinging insects is they prefer a solitary life, minding their own business where they make their nests. It is when they feel threatened that they attack and this is a highly likely thing to happen in a home where you have people and animals moving around. As such, it makes sense to want the wasps gone. In light to that, here are some of the things you can do that will help get rid of the insects.

1. Know Your Foe

The first line of defense when dealing with these insects is to be aware of their way of life. The wasp removal methods or secrets you seek lie in fully understanding the type of wasp infestation you are dealing with, its habits. If you know their habits and you can conquer any wasp invasion. These are social or solitary insects that live in numbers of 3 �” 10 or a colony of hundreds depending on the nest’s size. Knowing their habits includes understanding their diet, behavior and where the like to nest. Only then will you have an effective strategy to get rid of the wasps and prevent another invasion.

Get Rid Of Wasps

• Types of Wasps

Wasps can be the social or solitary species, though both prefer keeping to themselves. The social wasps have a thing for attics, gutters and ceiling, which are the place they love making the nests. The solitary wasps, on the other hand, inhabit crevices or holes they find around your home. Given their solitary nature, they tend to be more aggressive, and the social wasps and they lay more eggs too in hard to reach places. How you deal with the solitary wasps is not the same as that of social wasps.

• Diet

Wasps generally have a sweet tooth but have a diverse diet. For instance, wasps will like eating protein foods during early summer and will switch to sugars during early fall getting an abundant supply from flower nectar. Limiting their food sources will reduce their number or even drive them away. So make sure that you cover your meals, keep the garbage can and composts covered, plant sweet scented flowers away from your home and trim the grass and bushes. Of importance, however, is to note that some wasps are predators who make a meal out of other insects.

• Habitat/homes

Solitary wasps do not build a home; they just inhabit holes dug by other animals. If you see these bugs flying around your home and you want to get rid of wasps but cannot find any hanging nest, then know you are dealing with the solitary wasps. Look for cracks and holes, pour in fuming poisons, and seal the holes. Social wasps are easier to spot since they make their homes on high ground in areas such as the roof, attic, and trees. Dealing with these wasps requires the use of special pressurized bombs that will kill the bugs and destroy the nest. The best way to chase wasps away is destroying their homes when they away. The best time is just before sunrise or after sunset.

2. Scope The Surrounding

Make sure that you conduct a thorough inspection of the surrounding to identify all nesting areas before you start getting rid of wasps and destroying their habitats. Do the same after the eradication process to ensure that the wasps are not making a new nest; only then can you start getting rid of these insects.

3. Eradicating The Bugs

While all wasps sting, the solitary wasp might be a lesser risk than the social wasps though they are the most aggressive thus the most dangerous to have around your home. Social wasps are a bigger risk because they like making their home in areas with human habitations. They are therefore more likely to have conflicts with people, and this is not good. Hence, start get rid of wasps, eradication with those closest to home.

A secret you might want to keep in mind is that wasps tend to leave their nests before sunrise or after sunset. Pick a time between the two to start your wasp extermination mission for the social wasp. Their nest may not be hard to find or access; you only need to pull off the nests and rub the areas with gasoline. You can use a pressurized bomb to remove the nest if the wasps are still there, but you better have a good aim. Do not try getting rid of these insects without putting on appropriate protective gear especially those made of rubber.

For the solitary wasp, you should start with identifying where they nest. Close off all the entry or exit points leaving only one through which you will pour diesel or gasoline into the underground holes. Make the hole a bit wider taking caution not to anger the wasps and then pour the diesel or gasoline and immediately cover it with a piece of cloth. Leave the nest covered for several days. The entire nest will be full of fumes that will kill the wasp and make the nest inhabitable for a long time to come.

4. Prevention Measures

As mentioned earlier, the best way to keep wasps from invading your home again is by understanding their nature. Dirt and waste left lying around your home, shrubs, and tall grass, uncovered foods, and open garbage can attract wasps and other kinds of insects. So keep your home clean. Trim the law, cover your foods, always leave the garbage cans closed, close the attic windows, and check for small cracks and holes around your home that may have been dug by rodents or other animals and fill them up. These are just simple measures that will minimize the risk of a wasp invasion.

Keep the above tips and advice in mind, and you will get rid of wasps and prevent future invasions. If you try these and the bugs are still persistent, then it is advisable to call in professional Insect exterminators to help you address the problem.

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